Tuesday, January 22, 2013

just another tuesday

Its been a few days since I have been on here! I have been working on my house a lot! Its coming around pretty quick and its really clean not just surface clean! I still have more work to do but it is getting there!
I have been taking the kids swimming at the local YMCA and they are having a great time and so am I! We are signing hman (our oldest) up for soccer his last basketball game is Sunday and soccer starts in February! He is super excited! I am not sure he has any idea about real soccer so we will s155ee how much he loves it in a few weeks! I think it seems a little crazy they have two games a week! But I want them all as active as possible so that hopefully they will not have the weight issues I have!
I have been working hard this week but I have been starving all week! Hubby is bringing home my treadmill tonight so I am planning to start tonight on my workout for that! I found a beginners treadmill work out in a magazine at my ortho appointment the other day!

  • 0-5 minutes/speed 3
  • 5-10 minutes/speed3.5
  • 10- 12 minutes/speed 5.5
  • 12-16  minutes/speed 3.5
  • 16-18 minutes/speed 5.5
  • 18-22 minutes/speed3.5
  • 22-24 minutes/speed 5.8
  • 24-28 minutes/speed  3.5
  • 28-30 minutes/speed 5.8
  • 30-35 minutes/speed 3.5
  • 35-40 minutes/speed 3
So my plan is to do this for at least a week! I didn't read the whole article and I have tried to find it since without luck! So I am just going to make make it up! my goal is to run a 5k as soon as possible! starting tonight the training begins!

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