Wednesday, March 13, 2013

where have I been

Ahhh... its been over a month since my last post!!!! Sorry. It seems I have been slacking in almost all areas of my life.... besides the kids the hubbby and the house I have kinda put everything on the back burner... why is that you ask. Well I don't know for sure! But Im back and I need to get back to all of my life. So that means back on really trying to lose weight rather than just doing enough to stay where I am at.... which I have done pretty much for the last month! Which is not going to help me get  my goal!

Update time.. what have I been doing!
Well I have been spending a lot of time taking care of the little humans in the house. It seems someone has been sick everyday for one reason or another. But I am hoping we are on the mend and we will be able to get back to life. With that I have been doing lots of laundry and disinfecting! Fun right?!?

As I said before I have been a slacker on my diet and work out.... well that changes again now!!!!!
I have got to get out of this funk I am in right now and whats better then starting with a weight lost right!

And here's the big news!!!!

It looks like we might be moving forward with our new house! We have found the right one (I think) and we are approved for our loan!!!! I should be screaming and jumping up and down and so excited I cant stand it!
But, Hubby is hubby and is over thinking and analyzing everything. I think we are both on the same page and we are going to go sign the papers to get on the build schedule and then hubby comes home and has changed his mind..... AHHHHH. I am freaking out about this!  I know he only wants whats best for us and wants to make sure we are making the best decision, but enough already.

So we are going with what was said last night...
It looks like we are going to build a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath, 2 story, 1800 sq ft house.... I am pretty excited. Its a great house and I have been dreaming about decorating and organizing it. Oh the options we will finally have! Now I am just praying hubby stays with this plan! And that its the right plan for us! We are going to go tour a house just like ours this saturday, we went two saturdays ago but it was in the stick form no drywall. which I could imagine but hubby wants to make sure we still love it all closed up! Which I know I will. lol! If that all goes good we should be going tuesday I pray to sign the papers and make this a for sure thing! If all goes as planned we will start digging for the basement in july and hopefully moving in sometime in september or october! I am just praying we are in it by christmas!

The only real problem now is where to live in the mean time. Hubby thinks our very old trailer we live in now will move to the back of our land and we can live there until its done. I and just about everyone who has been to our very old house thinks its going to fall apart as soon as we start moving it! So worse case is we move in with my parents for a few months! Not the end of the world! I am almost hoping hubby will just say pack it up and lets move in with them! We will see!

So today I plan to do some kind of workout and then get a good nights sleep! I should be back tomorrow!  until then be blessed

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

just another tuesday

Its been a few days since I have been on here! I have been working on my house a lot! Its coming around pretty quick and its really clean not just surface clean! I still have more work to do but it is getting there!
I have been taking the kids swimming at the local YMCA and they are having a great time and so am I! We are signing hman (our oldest) up for soccer his last basketball game is Sunday and soccer starts in February! He is super excited! I am not sure he has any idea about real soccer so we will s155ee how much he loves it in a few weeks! I think it seems a little crazy they have two games a week! But I want them all as active as possible so that hopefully they will not have the weight issues I have!
I have been working hard this week but I have been starving all week! Hubby is bringing home my treadmill tonight so I am planning to start tonight on my workout for that! I found a beginners treadmill work out in a magazine at my ortho appointment the other day!

  • 0-5 minutes/speed 3
  • 5-10 minutes/speed3.5
  • 10- 12 minutes/speed 5.5
  • 12-16  minutes/speed 3.5
  • 16-18 minutes/speed 5.5
  • 18-22 minutes/speed3.5
  • 22-24 minutes/speed 5.8
  • 24-28 minutes/speed  3.5
  • 28-30 minutes/speed 5.8
  • 30-35 minutes/speed 3.5
  • 35-40 minutes/speed 3
So my plan is to do this for at least a week! I didn't read the whole article and I have tried to find it since without luck! So I am just going to make make it up! my goal is to run a 5k as soon as possible! starting tonight the training begins!

Friday, January 18, 2013

weigh in

So today is weigh in I was hoping for 2 pounds down but instead I am the same as last week!!!!! AHHHH. I am already behind my 2 lbs a week but I can hopefully make up for that over the next few weeks... I am going to have  a treadmill by Monday so I will start working out everyday instead of when I can get to the gym or when the weather is good... So onto next week!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not a great day in diet land

So today has been a non stop wanna eat everything in sight kinda,day :( I'm trying to be good but I have failed at that too. I haven't been horrible but not as good as I have been. I'm hoping by admitting out loud that I know I'm not being good will in fact help me to turn the day around and be better.

I've been doing really good on my goal to really getting my house clean and organized. I donated 5 bags of stuff we don't need or use! That made me feel a little better about today.
As soon as I make room for my treadmill I get to pick it up turns out God was watching out for my money again. My best friend wanted to get rid of hers because they need space and she didn't really use it anymore so I'm getting one for free. my goal is to pick it up Sunday to start next week with that workout.

Thanks for listening to my randomness.

Friday, January 11, 2013

weigh in time!!!

I am down 3.8 pounds today! My week of really being good and working out has paid off! I am hoping this is just the motivation I need to stay on this track!!!! I just keep reminding myself how bad I want this and I have a wedding I need to be working towards and Prayer lots of prayers! It all seems to be working! I love salad and I need to keep it that way!
 I am trying to drink 1/2 my weight in oz of water which should be easy but not so easy!!!! I will get there.
 And by the way don't try to go cold turkey off of caffeine... which mine was coca cola and it ended with one of the worst headaches i have had in a while! It was so bad I had to cancel girls night out with my friends :( Lesson learned and I have decided that its okay to have soda as long as I don't only drink it and I account for it in my eating log!
Looking forward to 5o'clock we are going to our best friends house tonight for dinner! We always have a great time. Its good to have friends that share your same beliefs and values! And our kids are great friends too.
I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I have already won!

This is my second post, which means I have already done more then last time I started this journey!!!!

I hope you all are having an amazing day. So far today has been very good for me. I have been cleaning and cooking and getting things done! More than normal and it is making want to be like this all the time. I am hoping to really get and stay motivated this year. I have been doing really good with my eating healthy and making good choices... I know not fun but you gotta do what you gotta do right! I am excited to weigh in tomorrow I have a good feeling I just hope I am right about it.

Hubby didn't bring me a treadmill last night hes hoping tonight. But I'm not holding my breath besides that I feel when things that we think are a good deal or idea fall through without any real cause its Gods way of telling me not now or protecting us from something! I learned the hard way that he knows and only wants whats best for us! I am trying to not worry about things that don't go my way. I have always been an I want it now kinda girl! Which isn't a great thing especially when you married a hurry up and wait kinda guy!

God has been teaching me patience since the day I met the husband!!! I must be a really slow learner though lol. After waiting and waiting for the dear husband to finally start dating, I had to wait and wait and wait some more for him to finally ask me to marry him. a totally of 5 year before we were engaged. (I was the girl who wanted to get married and have babies like the day after we graduated high school.) 9 months after that we finally tied the knot which to this day is one of the high lights of my life. There is nothing like marring your best friend! We then started the waiting game for a baby. when that didn't happen we started the infertility journey. After lots of heart ache, tears and prayers we decided that maybe birth children weren't meant for us!  3 years after we started all that drama we started classes for foster to adopt. Any one who has done that know its a big a waiting game waiting on papers and caseworkers and classes to be done. So we ended up waiting almost 4 years for our little boy. His case went as good as I could have asked for we knew after 60 days he was our forever son!  Our second son came a year later and it has been 2 years since that day and we are still waiting for his case to be done and over so we can move on together as a family! Our first baby came almost 6 months later but soon left us for the bio family! it broke our hearts and I wasn't sure I was going to come out on the other side of that one. But I held on to the fact that God knows the plans for me and after many more prayers our forever baby girl came home 2 months later. She is an amazing little girl that helped me heal, she made me realize that even when things seem to be all wrong that God has blessings for us! We all need to have a little more faith! Thank you lord for this family!

Boy did I get off topic again today! I have to figure out how to stay on track with what I was thinking about I can't believe where not getting my treadmill last night leaded me to! Sorry maybe next time my post will make a little more sense!

I need to get going for now. I have to get lunch ready soon for some little people! I hope you all have a blessed day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 2 only a few months two late.....

So I fell off the blog wagon after 1 day wow... that's pretty bad even for me! Well 2013 is going to be much better! I have big plans for this year. The short list is

  • lose weight ( for real this time)- about 100 lbs
  • get this little house of mine in order for real order not just organized chaos
  • figure out how to be a better parent all the way around
  • be a better wife
  • learn to save money without killing the fun
  • start to build our dream home
I am hoping to make all of these things happen this year. I might not make it all the way to all of them but at least a good amount of work on all of them.

So the losing weight thing has been a battle for me since forever. The only real way I ever lost it in the first place was by not eating much of anything and working out like crazy....I can't do that again. I have kids and a husband and a job and a house now that depend on me! So the working out like crazy can't happen I am hoping to get a treadmill tonight. my dear hubby found one (hopefully) on craigs list for 100$! Now my goal is to make a spot for it in this tiny house. So I am going to try counting calories it worked the last time I tried I lost 18lbs in about two months! I gained it all back which didn't take as long to put it back on as to take it off. So with that being said I have been counting points for the last few months with an up and down few months which has to do with a lot of other things like the fact that I pulled a few bone chips off my ankle. I think it is finally back to normal. Thank you God for healing it so that I don't have to have surgery.... that thought scared me A LOT!
I am hoping to start drinking 1/2 my weight in oz of water starting today. I have heard a few times this is the Goal that people should shot for! we will see. And if I get said treadmill tonight starting tomorrow I am hoping to walk at least a mile a day with the goal of running the color run 5k this July! I really want to be down at least 65 pounds by September 21st which is my sister in laws wedding and probably the last wedding I will be a brides maid for. I wanna look good. So We will see. I am planning on posting a lose or gain on fridays!

As for the house organizing this is a must do! My house is so small and with 5 of us living here we have to much stuff! right now when I clean it is more like moving the mess from one room to another room and then back again. I really need to figure out this mess now! I have been reading blogs and searching pintrest in hopes of finding the best way. I am slowly putting this into use! So I will keep you updated there to as I figure it out!

The better mother thing is open for any and all advice. We have an almost 7 year old boy, a 5 1/2 year old boy and a 19 month old girl. They are amazing little blessings that entered our world through fostering we have adopted the 5 1/2 year old and are in the process of adopting the other two.

I know I could be a better wife so I am going to strive to do that this year.

I hate saving money I love to spend it and my husband like to penny pinch most of the time. So my goal is to find a way for us to save money without me hating every minute of it. So I am working on that now to. I will blog about that another time.

 This post is getting to long and I haven't even touched the house subject so for now we will leave it at that and I will give it a full post all its own!

until later blessings