Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 2 only a few months two late.....

So I fell off the blog wagon after 1 day wow... that's pretty bad even for me! Well 2013 is going to be much better! I have big plans for this year. The short list is

  • lose weight ( for real this time)- about 100 lbs
  • get this little house of mine in order for real order not just organized chaos
  • figure out how to be a better parent all the way around
  • be a better wife
  • learn to save money without killing the fun
  • start to build our dream home
I am hoping to make all of these things happen this year. I might not make it all the way to all of them but at least a good amount of work on all of them.

So the losing weight thing has been a battle for me since forever. The only real way I ever lost it in the first place was by not eating much of anything and working out like crazy....I can't do that again. I have kids and a husband and a job and a house now that depend on me! So the working out like crazy can't happen I am hoping to get a treadmill tonight. my dear hubby found one (hopefully) on craigs list for 100$! Now my goal is to make a spot for it in this tiny house. So I am going to try counting calories it worked the last time I tried I lost 18lbs in about two months! I gained it all back which didn't take as long to put it back on as to take it off. So with that being said I have been counting points for the last few months with an up and down few months which has to do with a lot of other things like the fact that I pulled a few bone chips off my ankle. I think it is finally back to normal. Thank you God for healing it so that I don't have to have surgery.... that thought scared me A LOT!
I am hoping to start drinking 1/2 my weight in oz of water starting today. I have heard a few times this is the Goal that people should shot for! we will see. And if I get said treadmill tonight starting tomorrow I am hoping to walk at least a mile a day with the goal of running the color run 5k this July! I really want to be down at least 65 pounds by September 21st which is my sister in laws wedding and probably the last wedding I will be a brides maid for. I wanna look good. So We will see. I am planning on posting a lose or gain on fridays!

As for the house organizing this is a must do! My house is so small and with 5 of us living here we have to much stuff! right now when I clean it is more like moving the mess from one room to another room and then back again. I really need to figure out this mess now! I have been reading blogs and searching pintrest in hopes of finding the best way. I am slowly putting this into use! So I will keep you updated there to as I figure it out!

The better mother thing is open for any and all advice. We have an almost 7 year old boy, a 5 1/2 year old boy and a 19 month old girl. They are amazing little blessings that entered our world through fostering we have adopted the 5 1/2 year old and are in the process of adopting the other two.

I know I could be a better wife so I am going to strive to do that this year.

I hate saving money I love to spend it and my husband like to penny pinch most of the time. So my goal is to find a way for us to save money without me hating every minute of it. So I am working on that now to. I will blog about that another time.

 This post is getting to long and I haven't even touched the house subject so for now we will leave it at that and I will give it a full post all its own!

until later blessings

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