Wednesday, March 13, 2013

where have I been

Ahhh... its been over a month since my last post!!!! Sorry. It seems I have been slacking in almost all areas of my life.... besides the kids the hubbby and the house I have kinda put everything on the back burner... why is that you ask. Well I don't know for sure! But Im back and I need to get back to all of my life. So that means back on really trying to lose weight rather than just doing enough to stay where I am at.... which I have done pretty much for the last month! Which is not going to help me get  my goal!

Update time.. what have I been doing!
Well I have been spending a lot of time taking care of the little humans in the house. It seems someone has been sick everyday for one reason or another. But I am hoping we are on the mend and we will be able to get back to life. With that I have been doing lots of laundry and disinfecting! Fun right?!?

As I said before I have been a slacker on my diet and work out.... well that changes again now!!!!!
I have got to get out of this funk I am in right now and whats better then starting with a weight lost right!

And here's the big news!!!!

It looks like we might be moving forward with our new house! We have found the right one (I think) and we are approved for our loan!!!! I should be screaming and jumping up and down and so excited I cant stand it!
But, Hubby is hubby and is over thinking and analyzing everything. I think we are both on the same page and we are going to go sign the papers to get on the build schedule and then hubby comes home and has changed his mind..... AHHHHH. I am freaking out about this!  I know he only wants whats best for us and wants to make sure we are making the best decision, but enough already.

So we are going with what was said last night...
It looks like we are going to build a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath, 2 story, 1800 sq ft house.... I am pretty excited. Its a great house and I have been dreaming about decorating and organizing it. Oh the options we will finally have! Now I am just praying hubby stays with this plan! And that its the right plan for us! We are going to go tour a house just like ours this saturday, we went two saturdays ago but it was in the stick form no drywall. which I could imagine but hubby wants to make sure we still love it all closed up! Which I know I will. lol! If that all goes good we should be going tuesday I pray to sign the papers and make this a for sure thing! If all goes as planned we will start digging for the basement in july and hopefully moving in sometime in september or october! I am just praying we are in it by christmas!

The only real problem now is where to live in the mean time. Hubby thinks our very old trailer we live in now will move to the back of our land and we can live there until its done. I and just about everyone who has been to our very old house thinks its going to fall apart as soon as we start moving it! So worse case is we move in with my parents for a few months! Not the end of the world! I am almost hoping hubby will just say pack it up and lets move in with them! We will see!

So today I plan to do some kind of workout and then get a good nights sleep! I should be back tomorrow!  until then be blessed

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