Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 1

So I figure the best way to start is to explain me a little!
First and foremost I am a mother to a three year old forever son who we adopted last November. And I am currently a mom to a 5 year old son for now! Not sure where his case is going so I will stick with "son for now".  I have been happily married to my husband for 5 years! We have been together for almost 11 years. So it seems like most of my life! I am a 20 something who is not as happy about getting old as I had thought I would be. My plans didn't go the way I had dreamed.....
          which would have went a lot like this.......
                   graduate high school, marry my high school sweet heart shortly there after, then start having babies and stay home with them till they all went to school!

Real life went more like this.....
                   graduate high school, go to college for 3 wasted years of my life, marry my high school sweet heart 3 years after that, start trying to have kids 6 months after that and try for 3 years with out success or reason and still have no baby to call my own..... start fostering to adopt and end up with the most amazing son I could imagine 2 months after that!!!!

So in the end I ended up with everything I had planned, just on a much longer and harder scale then I intended! I worked for a long time on accepting Gods timing not mine! Sooner or later along the way I learned and keep learning to wait on him he know my plans!!!! That wasn't as easy as it should have been but we made it to the other side :)

I was planning on a short sweet intro to me.... got a little more than you asked for didn't ya! I really want to use this as a tool for my weight lose journey which right now is at a stand still but is going to change today! I have a walking plan for 6 weeks and then a running plan to follow that for 6 more weeks.... lets just say for your sake i am overweight by about 100 lbs... i am shooting for losing 105 lbs but will be happy with 80lbs down.... back to high school weight! I gained a lot of weight with all of our fertility treatments.... (that by the way didn't work) and I think that the weight is a daily reminder to me of the failed attempt not to mention I wanna look better and be healthier too! So I am planning to take you along for the ride of my weight lose attempts... tell you whats working and what didn't! And I am totally up for advice or tips that you have found helpful!
I will also post my lose or gain on either Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings! I am following the weight watchers points plus plan, along with a daily maybe hourly prayer for help to make the right choices God has been good to us and I know he will continue too!

As you can tell already i tend to go off topic so you will also here about my life and anything else thats on my mind! Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!

Here we go again,

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